Thursday, November 27, 2014


First I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I hope everyone had a great day and you're all full!
I know I'am!
This year was the first time cooking for the family.
My grandmother has always cooked but this year was my turn!
Sadly my grandmother is having some eye troubles and is unable to see.
She had to go into an emergency optometrist appointment at the hospital.
She had retinal bleeding but the doctor believes it had stopped.
She is now waiting to see a retina specialist.
So back on topic, I was left to cook for the family.
I had pretty big shoes to fill!
My grandmother is an amazing cook!
I've never had a bad meal when cooked by her.
This year we did not have turkey instead we had prime rib & duck for the meat.
This was the first time ever making those and first time trying duck!
But that's another post I would have to get into! 
If you guys would like to know my experience leave a comment or +the post!
I'm very happy with the out come! 
I started prep yesterday!
and of course played with the kids!
 Oh hey this little cutie bear got her first sippy cup too!
 (she only sat in her brothers car he did not drive with her in it)

So here is the table I set at 2am!
I was so tired and ready to go to bed.
Everyone loved dinner and we spent great quality time.
I love having the family together!
Happy thanksgiving with love from my family to yours!

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