Sunday, October 27, 2013


How do you like my treat bags??
I took the photo on my webcam so it came out crappy! :(
But they are so adorable!

And this is what I Wore for the halloween party
Trustee from orange is the new black!
Our patio has came out a success!
So many of our neighbors stop by to tell us how much they love it.
Our office managers also came by to tell us how unique and awesome it is!
We are glad we could do it big this year for Mason!
Now we can't wait for Christmas!
So many amazing ideas! 


Doing a small update but there isn't very much to update.
I'm 7 weeks! 
Still waiting for Nov 6th our first ultrasound.
I got my proof of pregnancy last week.
This weekend had a family and friends halloween party with a haunted trail!
It was a success! 

Our little Peach is the size of a :
Kind of exciting :)
We have picked a boy name and still deciding on a little girl name!
We don't plan to tell the names until the baby is born.
So at least one surprise for everyone lol.
Everyone knows about baby and is excited.
I have a few close friends who are also pregnant!
We are all a few weeks or a month apart so its cool to see all of us growing together.
I think thats it for now.
I will be doing another update either the day of the ultrasound or the next.

Right now for how I'm feeling I get random burst of sickness.
I was doing great for a few days with no morning sickness, then the day of the party
I was puking the whole morning!
Today I'm just extremely tired, if given the chance I could have slept the day away.
This pregnancy I have no appetite, I have to force myself to eat.
I've lost 5 pounds.
I went on a gatorade binge for a few days but cut that out and now strictly on water.
So far this pregnancy is completely different from Masons. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Guess who's turning two?

This little man!
And guess what!
He got his hair cut!!! 

My big boy!
Now he's ready for his birthday party!!
We have officially started planning his birthday party!
We ok I'm really excited! ;)
This year we are doing carnival/freak show theme!
We are all going to dress up.
We are going to start ordering freak show posters soon if I can find some really cool ones.
Looking for a clown! And cool bounce houses!
The reason we are doing his birthday so big this year is due to the navy.
We have no clue where we will be stationed, and we wanted to make sure we have his possibly last birthday with all our close loved ones.

Also check out this cute fabric I found!
I found a new local fabric store!
They have the coolest stuff , Mason also picked out a cute navajo blanket :)

Big surprise!

I seriously never thought I would be here saying this!

Thats right! We are expecting!!!!!!!!!!!

A few months back I was feeling down and to the point of giving up .
But there was obviously other plans in store!
We are due in June possibly the day after my birthday!
I'm so excited to bring another amazing blessing into our world!
And better yet promote Mason into a big brother!
I was a only child until I was 10 and my first half sibling was born.
All I wanted growing up was a brother or sister and I remember praying every night for one.
Now that I'm pregnant I'm going to try and come on my blog more and write about whats going on!
I rarely come on here which sucks.
But I'm making planning to change that!
So I'm guessing I'am only 4-5 weeks pregnant.
Possibly twins?
My symptoms are intense! 
And my mother is a twin, so it my turn lol.
I've had morning sickness , smells really set it off like old lady perfume lol.
I crave the weirdest things!
My last pregnancy I had very awkward weird dreams, this pregnancy I'm having just weird food dreams.
They are quite silly.
I've lost two pounds.
I went to the doctors the day I found out due to head aches and dizziness.
Found out I have low blood pressure which was causing me to have the fainting feeling and dizziness.
They told me anytime they come to sit on the floor.
I thought it was possibly high blood sugar but nope!
I'm perfectly healthy!
We scheduled our first prenatal appointment for November 6th.
I'm currently looking for local midwives!
I really want to have a home birth this time around!
Well so far for our pregnancy that is it!
Once we have more updates I will post again!