Friday, May 29, 2015

Maila's First Birthday! DIY Mermaid party

Maila's first birthday recently just passed! 
It's was an amazing day!
So many loved ones came to celebrate her special day.
I worked on her decorations a month before and barely finished in time!
These took the longest:

The 3 things hanging, I have no clue how to explain them lol.
They are suppose to look like a kelp garden, I planned to make 4 but finished the 3rd one two days before the party.
They are made out of coffee filters.
What I did was fill up a few bowls of water and added blue and green food coloring.
I mixed the colors in a different bowl to get different colors.

I'm sure you can tell they are not all the same tints.
At two packs and ran out,(I used 4 packs all together)
The next day I went back to the store to buy more and had to do the water and food coloring again.
Of course I didn't remember how many drops or amount of water, so they came out different tints.
All well! I still loved them!
I dried them in the dryer for maybe 10 mins?
I checked on them so much because I was scared they would burn!
But they came out perfect!
I then cut straws in to little pieces to put in between each filter.
I then got my needle and thread and would sew threw the middle of the filter, and put the straw pieces in between the filters and continued until I got the length I wanted.

It's hard to really see because it was falling off and the picture isn't so great.
I made the high chair banner out of fabric strips, I bought a yard of each color (pink, purple, blue, and a shiny mermaid looking fabric).
But them into strips and tied them onto twine.
I then glued a big one I made that was covered in blue glitter on to the strips.

The tassle on the top picture was made out of tissue paper, cut and tied on to twine.

Next I made this sign that I didn't expect to come out so well!
The sign I bought at Michaels and I believe it was suppose to be a little fence but I just turned it on its side!
I painted it and the wooden stake.
It took a few coats of paint on the sign, then once it dried I used a pencil to write on it and paint over the pencil. 
I then hot glued a star fish I also bought from Michaels. 
Once it dried and cooled off, I added a little layer of  modge podge around the star fish, then sprinkled a little glitter on it.
Not only did I make decorations, I made the sweets too!
I wish I got pictures of the sweet table!
Here is her cake!
I made it with a 6in cake pan, it's two layers but the layers were cut in half.
So technically it was 4?
Anywho, I cut circles out of fondant that I dyed. 
Then just layered them on!
Wa la!

The candle was a normal big birthday number candle, I used modge podge and glitter to decorate it.

I think this is the last on the list of things I made.
I made her mermaid outfit !
The bottom was a crochet top I bought off of ebay and tied tulle at the bottom.
If you seen tutu tutorials its almost exactly like that.
I used the two last lines of the crochet to tie on.
I hot glued star fish on to the tulle.
The top is a crochet headband, with two fake flowers glued on.
I glued star fish where the stigma? I think that's what it's called lol!
The middle of the petals thing haha!
Any way, then I made the crown out of lace.
First I got a cup and covered it with wax paper.
Then I covered the lace in modge podg around the cup.
Sprinkled with glitter and let it dry and cure.
Then I hot glued flowers around it and added an elastic strip to the bottom to hold on to her head.
If you couldn't tell, I have no clue how to explain that part either, I'm having major brain farts tonight!
Please bare with me! :D 

Last thing I will add are these yummy cotton candy flavored macaroons I made!
I added edible pearls to make them look like clams!

Thank you checking out my crazy blog and I hope you liked it!
Here are random photos from the party!
Good night!