Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kids holiday gift guide

Holiday gift guide for the little people in our lives!
One of my favorite places to look for unique cute gifts is Etsy!
Etsy has so many cute shops to choose from.
I get a ton of gift ideas from looking around on etsy.
First two gift I would use as stocking stuffers for my 6 month old.
She has been teething the past couple of months and she hates the frozen teethers!
I believe the wood teether would make a better alternative.
Second stocking stuffer would be plush dolls.
We bought the kids 22" Disney plush dolls for stocking stuffers.
Disney had a good deal so I had to snag the kids some!
I'm hoping for more great deals the closer we get to Christmas for more Disney toys.
Here are a set of dolls I found on etsy also that I love!
Here are the two dolls I've bought for my babes

We are going to Disneyland next month for Mason's birthday, so I think these will be perfect for

How about a cute pair of leggings?
Seriously these leggings are adorable!
I wish they made these for adults!!
These organic teepee leggings are everything!

Here is what we ordered for Mason!
I think it would be awesome for any kid learning to ride a bike.
This is a balance bike!
The fact that it looks like a little dirt bike had me sold!

Next are a favorite of mine!
I've loved Freshly picked Moc's since 2011!
They're seriously so adorable!
They come in so many cute colors.
Last but not lease a book set!
You can never go wrong with great books!
I loved Madeline as a kid.
I sure do hope my kids do too!
Or I'll just read the book set myself lol.
Happy holidays everyone!

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