Monday, December 29, 2014

Nov-Dec favorites

I totally lagged with my November favorites, so I'm going to do both November and December!
It will be the kids, my husbands and my favorites.
First will be my kids.
My son's favorites are always the same lol.
He loves anything with wheels!
He's currently obsessed with fire trucks.
He loves when they drive by our home.

Mason loved this book set for his birthday!
When he's not driving his cars all over the place he will be in his books!
Now you can never go wrong with a pair of converse!
When we went Christmas shopping I let Mason pick two pairs of shoes,
first thing he picked were these red converse.
I asked him 3 times to make sure, I showed him other shoes also just to make sure and he was determined to get these!
I was surprised to see him pick my favorite shoes!
He definitely has my style.
All these items were from kohls.
Now for Maila she can't really say what's her favorites but what she plays with the most are these!
 First is a Disney princess mirror she loves this thing!
She loves pushing the buttons and playing the music.
Her new thing is dancing, so she loves to watch herself dance in the mirror.

Next are these Disney princesses plush dolls
I ordered these from the Disney store and she absolutely loves them!
We bring these every where we go, they definitely keep her busy.
Plus I think they are super adorable! 

Last it what I ordered them and I love this store!
Seriously the cutest clothes for kids and the parents!!
 I ordered two for both my babes! 
They are suppose to be candy cane theme but I think they would look adorable for V-day also!
I'm thinking White leggings for Maila and not sure yet for Mason!
Maybe white leggings also?
We will see.
 Next is the adorable baseball-T 
I played softball in middle school and my favorite thing to wear has always been baseball tops.
Even as adult I still buy them!
I love these shirts so much they are adorable.
I think any shirt with Mama stuff on it I would love honestly though lol.
Being a parent is awesome why not flaunt it?

Ok so we all have heard of thug life, but come on!? Mom life!
That's a whole new story!
We all know being a mom can be hard, so we deserve a cool top too!

 OK so how many times have I gushed over Lush on this thing?
I'm sure it's getting old but I can't help it!
I seriously looooove their products!
I went to their sale and got some killer deals!
Buy one get one free!
I stocked up on this amazing yummy shower gel!
Seriously makes me so sad this is only out in December.
I bought my friend a few things also for Christmas, this will be her first lush experience!
I can't wait to hear how she liked everything!
Here are my two favorite things mixed!
I love this bubble bar mixed with the Santa bath bomb.
When I finally got out of the bath I felt so relaxed!
It's amazing how these things can be so relaxing!

Now for my husband, he's not the one to sit and tell me about his favorites but he did get some new gear that he's indeed loving.
His new Vans, he needed new shoes bad!
I seriously don't understand how my husband goes threw shoes so fast!
He buys more shoes then I do!
Seau Jersey! 
Last year I remember him telling me about how he had a Seau jersey as a kid, and he couldn't remember where it went.
He told me one day he would buy a new one.
Well he never got it so I did for Christmas!
He was surprised and so happy!
I was so glad to finally be able to surprise him.

I hope you guys enjoyed my family's favorites for the months of November & December!
- Emily

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mason's 3 year update!

So I've decided to do a yearly update on my boy!
Tomorrow my first born will be 3!!! 
Holy cow where has the time gone? Seriously!!
He is the one who taught me all about motherhood!
We had some amazing times and some not so fun experiences!
Not a day goes by I wish I could have him as a baby, for just one last time!
He was born on the morning of Christmas eve at 12 A.M weighing 7 lbs.
He was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen or made!
At the young age of 18 I had him and I wouldn't change it for the world!
He taught me what life was really about.
I learned what true love was.
3 years has gone by so fast and I never expected it to!
People would always tell me to cherish those moments, because they will all be gone so quickly!
At the time I didn't think so much of it.
Until recently! 
Watching my youngest turn into her own little personality, and hitting milestones quicker then expected has shown me how fast my first baby has grown in to a little person also.
He use to be that little one rolling around, sitting up on his own.
He use to be dependent on me.
Now he's so independent!
He's feeding himself, running, jumping, going down slides on his own.
Questioning me constantly!
Testing me to see how far he can get.
The list goes on!
He's speaking more clearly, I feel like I'm talking to an adult sometimes!
I'm constantly being reminded by him that he's not a baby.
" No mom, that's for baby"
His favorite thing for breakfast was oatmeal until last month.
Now he refuses to eat because it's for babies.
He's so picky when it comes to food.
I find myself constantly cooking different meals threw out the day, trying to get him to try different foods.
Most of the time it's a fail.
If he could he would live off of Pb&J's and chicken nuggets with macaroni & cheese.
He's no longer a fan of the bath, he hates showers.
He use to love bath time, now he can't wait to get out!
Becoming a big brother was a little hard at first for him, but he has adjusted.
He was very jealous at first but now he loves to tickle his sister, and help her around the house in her walker.
Becoming a mother of two has been a little hectic at times but I wouldn't change it for the world!
For Mason's 3rd birthday we took him to Disneyland and he loved it!
It was an awesome experience, and we all felt a little spoiled!
We were upgraded to an amazing penthouse at our hotel.
This place was awesome! It was bigger then our 3 bedroom apartment.
The pent house was a 2 bedroom 3 bath with a huge living room and kitchen.
We were on the top level and had a view of the parks.
We watched the firework shows from our room.

I plan to do a post just on the penthouse/Disneyland experience so make sure to check back for that.
So here is my boy!
-He is obsessed with cars
-Loves to drive his police car
-Loves to color
- weighs 39 lbs
- He's 3'5
- Always happy
- Loves the outdoors 
 - Loves to wrestle his dogs
The list goes on!
I'm so proud to  be his mommy, and can't wait to watch him grow even more.
Thank you for reading!
Hope to see some new subscribers to my blog! 
I'm still trying to get the hang of this thing if you couldn't tell! 
This is my tribe.

Friday, December 19, 2014

DIY Jack Skellington Christmas prop

After years of wanting to do this I finally did it!
I finally made my Sandy Claws prop.
I've been looking online at tutorials for years.
We ended up just tying it on our own with out help of tutorials.
We bought 20ft of PVC and it was the perfect amount for everything!
The upper legs are 24"
The lower legs are 32"
The knees are 45* PVC joints
Upper arms are 24"
Lower arms are 16"
They are connected by 45* joints
His spine was also 24"
His neck was 4"
His collar is 8"
The collar and neck are connected with PVC cross joint
Hips are 90* PVC joints
PVC "T" joint
& 1" to hold them all together
(Excuse my messy patio!)
Next we measured him and cut out pieces of fabric.
I bought 5yrds and had more then enough left over!

Then hot glued the pieces of fabric onto the body.
I then added faux fur around the ankles and wrist.
I used small dish gloves for the hands and painted them black.
Filled them with cotton balls.
The chest I cut open a large grocery bag and stuffed it with grocery bags and then taped it closed.

I used a big piece of white felt for the beard.
I was hoping to find faux fur for the beard like I have for the ankles and wrist but no luck!
I bought the Santa hat for the dollar store.
I made the presents out of old diaper boxes just painted them with acrylic paint.
If you've been to Disneyland I'm sure you've seen the big Christmas list on the side of the haunted mansion.
I made mine out of a white plastic table cover.
I folded it and glued it down.
I used acrylic paint.
For the edges I dipped my sponge brush in the black paint then in water, and dabbed it around the edges.
The wreath I made last year out of garland and thick paper for the teeth and eyes.
The bow was just a cheap bow I found at a store.

The head was just a giant Styrofoam ball.
I pushed the eyes & nose in with a spoon, and used the end of my paint brush for the mouth.
I then used regular black acrylic paint.
I don't know if you would count this as a tutorial?
Maybe more just what we did with some detail left out lol.
If you have any questions feel free and I can go more into detail if you need me to!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Mom's gift guide

Here's a gift guide for all my mommies!
Being a parent can be hard but also so rewarding!
We deserve to be pampered!
Here are things I would love and I'm sure you guys too!
Lush products are my weakness!
I could spend hours in their shop if my husband lets me!
Their products are like no other, I've never had such amazing quality in bath items!
During my pregnancy with Maila I lived in lush baths!
Here are some Christmas themed products I love by Lush!
Luxury LUSH pud!
father Christmas bath bomb!
I'm dying of cuteness!!
This is a hedge hog bubble bar!
I love bubble bars they can last a long time!
I use them for myself and my son!
So much fun!
Golden wonder gift set!
This scrub is amazing!
I gifted this to my grandmother with a moisturizer!
Full of grace
She loved them!
She gets dark spots and has tried everything!
I mean she has drawers full of products!
She wants to have great skin and she tries anything and everything.
Well with these she hasn't had to look no further!
She's hooked.

Next is an awesome gift box!
It's called the Happy Mommy Box.
The happy mommy box is a care package of goodies you receive monthly or one time.
You choose your subscription!
Every month you receive a mix of amazing gifts, sometimes even for the kiddos!
Sometimes being a mom can be very hard!
These were put together for moms to brighten their day!
They're definitely an encouragement gift for those rough days.
I'm definitely subscribing after Christmas!

Initial necklace!
I love these!
They are adorable and would make any mother happy.
So cute to have your child(ren)'s initials on them!
I would do my whole families initial on mine!
But for now, just the kiddos.

I don't know if it's just me and my mom but we love candles!
We are suckers for good smelling candles.
Last year I bought my mom a huge candle set and she was ecstatic!

I found these and I'm actually thinking about buying some for my mom...
Okay and for myself lol.
Would it be weird to buy her more?
I think it would be a good extra gift, I was thinking of actually buying her a personalized mug.
My mom is seriously the hardest person to shop for! 
I would go on about it but that would need a whole new post!

Last are pillows!
 I love to make my own but these are adorable!
I think they would make such cute gifts!

Perfect for the couches around the holidays!
They also have other seasons and other cool designs!