Friday, December 20, 2013

We found out what we are having!

We are beyond excited!
And already have her name picked out.
I can finally finish my registries!!
I've already started shopping and I bought an adorable outfit when I first found out!
So happy I don't have to return it! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Our events.

It's been a while , so I thought I may have been a good time to come and update.
Post a few pics and what not.
This year we celebrated Mason's birthday early.
He had a big party with lots of family and friends.
He received so many amazing gifts! 
We are so thankful to have such amazing people in our lives.
Allen was so excited when he got his Navy beanie.
We were going to do pay 200 for Mason's birthday cake it was going to be huge and amazing!
But we ended up canceling the order and went with a smaller cake.
I'm actually kind of glad we did because we ended up using the extra cash for more presents.
This year we are getting Mason his first real christmas tree!
We are waiting for around the 15th to get one .
It's our family tradition to go around that time.
This is our last year in this apartment then we will be most likely buying our very first house!
I'm due June 14 when our lease is up in June so hopefully this baby does not come in the middle of the move!
Speaking of baby I'm officially in my second Trimester!
Baby peach is doing good!
I felt little movements the past two nights which was truly amazing.
I had bleeding for a week last month and it got so bad we ended up having to go to the ER.
The doctor could not find baby .
So I was sent down to a specialist who was able to find our blessing!
Baby was moving and heart was beating!
I almost cried from how happy I was to know baby was ok.
 I was trying my hardest not to break down when the doctor said she could not find baby.
Allen whispered in my ear that he was sorry.
I told him don't be .
I hid my fears well then.
But thankfully for the second opinion.
Doctor said it was a threatened miscarriage and that it was a 50/50 chance of baby miscarrying.
So far we are doing amazing and no more bleeding!
We have officially agreed on babies name.
I planned to not announce babies name until after birth but who knows.
I suck at keeping surprises lol.
All I have to say it's an out there name that you don't really hear .
But it has so much meaning to it.

Our next appointment is next week! 
 I can't wait to go see how this little one is doing.
 Then Jan 3rd we are find out the sex! 
I'm so excited to find out what we are having!! 
Crossing our fingers for a little girl!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

9 weeks!

Hello hello hello!!
So we had our first ultrasound last week!
And everything came back great!
Baby's heart beat was 140-150!
I have a new doctor until January! 
Then my doctor I had for Mason will be back!
So here is our little peach!
Doctor estimated my due date at June 14 2014 day before my birthday!
So far I like this doctor because he is totally okay with me taking my placenta and respects my wishes.
He's new so its a little scary but I like that he is very laid back and listens to me.
Hopefully my regular doctor doesn't think I'm crazy for wanting to encapsulate my placenta! 
We are doing a 3d/4d ultrasound in December or early January to find out the sex!

So baby is 9 weeks size of a olive!
Baby is now a fetus!
How I'm feeling is same as last update!
Pretty much the same as last update!
Tired I get tired very easily! 
My appetite is gone, I have to force myself to eat.
I've lost 15 pounds!
So hoping my appetite is back in my second trimester!
I feel like I'm starving the baby.
My boobs are sore and I bloat on and off.
Besides all of that I'm doing good.
We have the names picked and don't plan to tell the names until the birth.
We also plan to not tell anyone when she is born but close family, and we take her newborn pictures!
Then we will do the announcement.
I hope we can get a ultrasound photo in December I'm too excited to find out what we are having!
our next regular appointments are Dec 19 & Jan 30
So far I have started registries for everything I want so far!
When we find out the sex then I will add clothes.

Well I think thats it for now!
I'll will do more updates when they come!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


How do you like my treat bags??
I took the photo on my webcam so it came out crappy! :(
But they are so adorable!

And this is what I Wore for the halloween party
Trustee from orange is the new black!
Our patio has came out a success!
So many of our neighbors stop by to tell us how much they love it.
Our office managers also came by to tell us how unique and awesome it is!
We are glad we could do it big this year for Mason!
Now we can't wait for Christmas!
So many amazing ideas! 


Doing a small update but there isn't very much to update.
I'm 7 weeks! 
Still waiting for Nov 6th our first ultrasound.
I got my proof of pregnancy last week.
This weekend had a family and friends halloween party with a haunted trail!
It was a success! 

Our little Peach is the size of a :
Kind of exciting :)
We have picked a boy name and still deciding on a little girl name!
We don't plan to tell the names until the baby is born.
So at least one surprise for everyone lol.
Everyone knows about baby and is excited.
I have a few close friends who are also pregnant!
We are all a few weeks or a month apart so its cool to see all of us growing together.
I think thats it for now.
I will be doing another update either the day of the ultrasound or the next.

Right now for how I'm feeling I get random burst of sickness.
I was doing great for a few days with no morning sickness, then the day of the party
I was puking the whole morning!
Today I'm just extremely tired, if given the chance I could have slept the day away.
This pregnancy I have no appetite, I have to force myself to eat.
I've lost 5 pounds.
I went on a gatorade binge for a few days but cut that out and now strictly on water.
So far this pregnancy is completely different from Masons. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Guess who's turning two?

This little man!
And guess what!
He got his hair cut!!! 

My big boy!
Now he's ready for his birthday party!!
We have officially started planning his birthday party!
We ok I'm really excited! ;)
This year we are doing carnival/freak show theme!
We are all going to dress up.
We are going to start ordering freak show posters soon if I can find some really cool ones.
Looking for a clown! And cool bounce houses!
The reason we are doing his birthday so big this year is due to the navy.
We have no clue where we will be stationed, and we wanted to make sure we have his possibly last birthday with all our close loved ones.

Also check out this cute fabric I found!
I found a new local fabric store!
They have the coolest stuff , Mason also picked out a cute navajo blanket :)

Big surprise!

I seriously never thought I would be here saying this!

Thats right! We are expecting!!!!!!!!!!!

A few months back I was feeling down and to the point of giving up .
But there was obviously other plans in store!
We are due in June possibly the day after my birthday!
I'm so excited to bring another amazing blessing into our world!
And better yet promote Mason into a big brother!
I was a only child until I was 10 and my first half sibling was born.
All I wanted growing up was a brother or sister and I remember praying every night for one.
Now that I'm pregnant I'm going to try and come on my blog more and write about whats going on!
I rarely come on here which sucks.
But I'm making planning to change that!
So I'm guessing I'am only 4-5 weeks pregnant.
Possibly twins?
My symptoms are intense! 
And my mother is a twin, so it my turn lol.
I've had morning sickness , smells really set it off like old lady perfume lol.
I crave the weirdest things!
My last pregnancy I had very awkward weird dreams, this pregnancy I'm having just weird food dreams.
They are quite silly.
I've lost two pounds.
I went to the doctors the day I found out due to head aches and dizziness.
Found out I have low blood pressure which was causing me to have the fainting feeling and dizziness.
They told me anytime they come to sit on the floor.
I thought it was possibly high blood sugar but nope!
I'm perfectly healthy!
We scheduled our first prenatal appointment for November 6th.
I'm currently looking for local midwives!
I really want to have a home birth this time around!
Well so far for our pregnancy that is it!
Once we have more updates I will post again!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Hello again!

My big project from August!
My husband brought home an old dresser and I repainted it.
Hard work but got it done!
Not to happy with the knobs but most likely will be selling it once we find another one we like!

Not bad for free right?

Boring wagon

I know I say this ALL the time but I've been so busy its crazy.
Who knew married life can be so crazy?
Any who want to see what I made Mason?
His second birthday is coming up!!
I can't believe my little baby boy is getting so big!
He is towering over 3-4 years olds!
Where is he getting these heights from?
He will be taller then me when he starts school!
I'm only 5'2.
Anyway check out this wagon we got for free and we mad it our own!
It's Mason's early Birthday gift either his birthday or Christmas we will be filling it up with all his presents and wrap a giant bow around it.


Pretty cool right?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Can you hear wedding bells?

I do...
Looks like my Fiance and I are getting married a lot sooner then we expected!
It's so crazy that this is happening so soon.
I did not expect for him to go into the Navy so soon.
But its happening and I could not be more happier to marry my best friend.
He is truly my rock.
I don't understand how some women can want to only marry their men for benefits?
And if they cant they don't want to marry them.
It's so crazy.
I could care less if we were poor on the streets I would still marry Allen.
I think we will Marry in the court until he gets out of boot camp.
Then we will have a good size wedding with our friends and family.
I love the colors turquoise with white or black.
Most likely they will be my wedding colors.
Or go for a more modern wedding with black and white.
We will see.
I will most likely start doing blogs on wedding ideas I love and things I would like to see happen
at my wedding.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Del mar fair.

Mason's second year at the Delmar fair!
He had a blast!
He went on his first ride and he laughed the whole time!
I'm so happy to be able to enjoy these little moments with him.
I remember growing up and going every year.
Del mar was my favorite thing to do in the summer!
Now I have it to pass the fun and excitement down to my son.

Australian battered potatoes with ranch and bacon.
My fiancĂ© has  been craving this sense last year!
He finally got his wish answered :)

The boys on Mason's first ride!
They had a cool butterfly exhibit.
You pay a $1 for a Q-tip and dip it in nectar and the butterflies latch on.
I don't know if its just Allen and I but these butterflies were really weird like they could barely fly they looked as if they were high or something.
We felt so bad when we noticed it we had to leave.
They had this collection of dead butterflies.
It's sad what people would do for a buck.
I wonder why all the butterflies looked so sick.

On a lighter note Mason got to see real elephants.
This is a fake photo prop but the ride is behind it.

The weirdest llama I have ever seen!
I've never seen a llama with fur like the spotted one!
I'm sure it's just shaved that way but still!
Kind of reminds me of something in a Dr. sues story.
I have a lot of more photos on my computer but I'm honestly so tired from today.
Maybe tomorrow if I get a chance I will upload more?
Or maybe not.
We will see.
Goodnight everyone !
And good morning to those just waking up .


Tomorrow is the second time I have to go threw this.
The prep for my hsg test is not my favorite thing.
 I just need to remember that its all going to be worth it.
All this time I've been waiting for answers could this be it?
I have no idea why I feel so strongly needing another baby.
I miss everything.
I just want Mason to have what I only wished for.
Siblings .
I didn't get siblings until I was 10 and it was a major age gap.
Thankfully my step sister was 2-3 years younger then me?
It wasn't exactly what I wanted but it was the closes thing I had.
I loved every minute of it.
Sadly it all ended to soon.
My dad and my stepmom broke up.
Very nasty .
It effected everyone.
But I think I'm the main one suffering.
I haven't seen my brother and sister in almost 3 years.
I'm lucky if I get to talk to them.
Now my father has this crazy girlfriend who has kids but did not raise them.
She has nannies do the job.
She and my father left to vegas 2 years ago and they have yet to meet my son.
I don't want my son to have so many let downs like I did when growing up.
I want to have a big family.
I will do what ever I have to, to have another child.
I just wish it was as easy as it seemed.
Growing up they always warned girls that they get pregnant so easy.
It happens just once.
Now where the hell is that now?
My whole life I was told that getting pregnant was so easy.
That just one slip up and I would become pregnant!
But now that I'm wanting another baby I cant get pregnant!!!
I've tried the break period not trying .
STILL nothing!
I don't understand how some people who don't deserve to have kids have so many!
I'm not saying that people with kids don't deserve them but I mean people who have kids and abuse them.
Leave them to raise them selves.
Have 6 of them but none of them are with them.
I understand we are all not perfect and we all have our reasons.
But what is my problem?
Why is my body doing this to me?
I see everyone else becoming pregnant and having babies and I'm just stuck here.
I cry a lot.
I cry almost every time I see someone complain about becoming pregnant and how much it sucks and how they are only 3 months pregnant but already over it!
If only they knew the other side.
How women who cant have babies feel.
We would take that any day!
Or how about those people who tell you "maybe its not your time"
"Maybe its a sign"
How the hell is my ovaries not doing its job a sign??
You think me not having a baby when we are more then ready is a sign?
Some people just don't understand.
Some people take it for granite.
I just hope my time comes soon.
That's my main goal right now is to become pregnant.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Wanted to share!


For families who lost their little ones.
I've lost 3 babies in less then a year.
I would never put that pain on anyone!
Here is somewhere for great support and love.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Crafts lately.

Here are a few things I've made recently.
I've been pretty slow!
Been busy out doing things.
But here are a few!
If you want to buy or order anything custom let me know!
I will start selling soon!
I just started my etsy shop!
Salon Dore
Bettie page painting!

Turbans! & headbands!


Lots n lots of pillows!

And the tutu dress I just finished for my friend!
I loved making this!
I can make them in any color, theme you can think of!

Family Beach day.

Over the weekend we went to the beach with family.
It was so fun!

Allen and I went in maybe waist deep?
But couldn't make it too many rocks!
Everytime I would get balance a wave would come and almost knock me over!
I almost broke my ankle!

So I sat on the sand most of the time.
It was ok because Mason was not happy with the water that day.
So we just snacked and built sand castles with his cousins!

The birds were flying over us all day!
So thankful we did not get pooped on!

My Hawaiian boy!
Notice his hair?
It is now almost blonde!
When we went on vacation his hair started to lighten up.
I love blonde hair with tan skin!!
He's such a cutie!!

After the beach we went to a bbq!
Nicest house !
The furniture was so cool!!

Meet our newest family member!

Meet our newest family member Duchess!
Duchess after the Duchess of France DUHH!
She is a crazy little one!
Filled with energy!
Don't let those cute little puppy eyes fool you!
She is the definition of ankle biter!
You have to watch your feet when walking by this silly girl!
She is mixed with Long hair Chihuahua and a mini pin!
Such a cute mix!
She is also crate trained!


Here are some of the yummy foods I've eaten and captured!
On grand there is an awesome candy shop that has a little ice cream parlor in the back!
They have the most amazing flavors!
I finally found the cotton candy ice cream I've been craving for almost 8 yrs!
I know a lot of other places that sell "cotton candy ice cream"
But none of them compare to this kind!!
Salmon I made recently!
Came out amazing!

I've always loved sushi sense the first time my stepmother gave me some!
I've never been a fan of the California roll.
But everything else I love!
These are eel rolls and shrimp tempura rolls!
I've loved eel for a long time now.
But recently tried the tempura and OMG!!
So good!!
If you have not tried it you need too!!
Like right now!!
GO! GO! GO!!
                      Ok.. are you back now?
Here is a cute cupcake I tried at our little cousins baptism!
They had a chili contest!
           Amazing foods there!              

Have I talked about my little strawberry garden?
Well this pic is right before they turned red!
They are so yummy!
Honestly the easiest thing to grow!


Just some fruits I picked up.
The pineapple was amazing!
I've never cut one before .
I've always bought them pre cut or in the can.
Never again will I buy those!
I will buy whole pineapples only now!
And heres what I ate on the delta!!
and fried lemons!
This was the best Calamari I've ever tasted!
The fried lemon was amazing too!
Not going to lie though, I was kind of scared at first to try the lemon because I was not sure what the heck they were!

Allen got me a few yummies for mothers day but this was my favorite!
I've been craving chocolate covered strawberries for so long now!
I also loved the hello kitty popsicles and lemon bites!

Guess what!
Smash burger just opened right across the street and I've never had it.
And omg! They are amazing!
I have no idea how I survived without them!
This is an avocado club burger on an egg bun!
And sweet potato fries

Have you seen these cool looking waters?
They are so cool!
My new favorite water bottle!

Kettle corn and salt water taffy  is what we snacked on the way home from vacation!

Strawberry pizzas!
I found this recipe and that night I had to try them!
Fresh strawberries, strawberry cream cheese, sugar cookie, and boiled strawberry jelly drizzled on top!
I even added a little whip cream! ;)

Lemon bites!
Sooo good!
I shared my snacks with our family and they were a great hit!
We got this smaller box of them at stater bros but they sell the huge one at Costco!!
Now I'm hungry from all these yummy foods!
Now time to find something good to make!