Wednesday, November 26, 2014

6 Month's old!

Maila is officially 6 months old!
I can't believe how fast it has gone!
I've already started thinking of ideas for her 1st birthday!
We will be moving into our new house around that time.
I'm so excited yet to sad that my little lady is getting so big!

Taking these pictures was a bit of a challenge! 
All she wanted to do was eat pinecones and leaves lol

She's sitting up for long periods of time now.
She's not a fan of solids yet, today we are going to try puffs for the first time!
She is obsessed with her brother she thinks he is the funniest thing!
She loves her walker!

This thing is a life saver!
We had one with Mason and he loved it, we knew Maila needed one!
Best buys!

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