Wednesday, February 5, 2014

21 week update!

Hi guys!
So I know I say this like every post but here's my update post on what's going on with us.
I'm currently 21 weeks with little miss Madilyn!
At 19 weeks we had our 4d ultrasound done.
It was an amazing experience and really considering going back in my third trimester.
Here are a few photos of her.
I have a little over 100 4d photos but only posting a few photos.

She is so stubborn! We originally went in at 17 weeks but she would not budge! She had her back to us while laying on her placenta.
So we returned at 19 weeks and got her to move finally!
This pregnancy it completely different from with my son Mason.
She is always active.
She moves all day and night.
I'm not as tired as I was with my son.
With Mason I had bad leg cramps in my calves, this time I now just have bad sciatic nerve pains.
It's caused my right foot to swell.
I'm now waiting to make an appointment with physical therapy.
Besides that I've started doing yoga again and it's helped so much!
So here are a few pictures of the bump.

My uterus is growing much faster then it was with Mason which has caused me to show much more
For cravings my #1 craving is limes!
I don't know why but I love eating limes this pregnancy!
So recently I bought a chalk board and started writing down my pregnancy progression.
This is the last week I've done.
I will be making another one for week 25.
I bought a cheap chalk board and I'm not really happy with the quality of it.
So I will be buying a new chalk board very soon, I will be checking staples if nothing I will just buy one online.
Now that we know the gender we have been shopping non-stop!
I'm so happy to finally have a little girl!
Here are a few things I've bought.
Nothing compared to what I really have! I have a giant bin full of clothes and blankets from shopping.

I can't stop shopping!
I think instead of a baby shower we will be doing a sprinkle shower.
Instead of asking for lots of things, we will put our registries with only little things if people want to get gifts.
We have a full registry but we will buy all the big things on our own.
We love to have family parties so this will just be an awesome reason to get our families together and celebrate our princess!
That's about it for now!
Here's the awesome big brother!!