Friday, July 25, 2014

Blessed indeed

Officially a mother of TWO!

So where I left off I was only 21 weeks.
From there I carried up to 36+6
Here are my pictures leading up to the big day.

This is the day I went to the hospital.
For the two weeks I was doing NST for low fluids.
My whole pregnancy went amazing.
No complications what so ever.
I had bad sciatic and SPD
(Symphysis pubis dysfunction)
So back on track...
I went to my second week of NST and came home trying to finish up babies laundry.
While I went to sit down I felt a big gush.
I waited a few minutes and felt another.
I went to the bathroom and put a panty liner on.
I called L&D and talked to one of the nurses, I let her know what happened and she was almost positive it was my water that had broken.
I was filling my panty liners up also.
She informed to take my time & not rush in because labor can take a while to start.
So I finished up what little laundry I had left, & made sure my bags were ready.
I showered and tried to eat dinner, but I was to anxious and excited.
I kissed Mason goodbye and tried to keep back the tears.
I was sure that I wouldn't see him for a while and our lives would be changed.
He would no longer be my only baby.
He was officially going to be a big brother.
We made it down to the hospital in pretty good time.
I checked in and wait almost 20 minutes just to be seen by a doctor.
This doctor that came in left quicker then she was in.
She checked to see if I had a pool of fluid, but because I did not she sent me home.
I saw her for 5 minutes max.
I told her with my first I had broken my water from the top and it slowly dripped.
I also let her know that I had already had low fluids.
She did no test; nothing .
Exact reason why I can't stand doctors.
She did not take my word.
I was sent home.
Fast forward to a week.
I went back to my NST, and guess what!
My fluids had became dangerously low.
They told me I needed to get to the hospital right away go straight home grab my bags and go in.
I would be induced that night.
So we went home grabbed my bags made sure baby's car seat was still in position in the car.
Said goodbye to Mason once again, and we were off.
On our way down I emailed my Placenta specialist to make sure she knew it was time.
We made it back to L&D,I went in the evening of May 23rd.
 This time I got a different doctor.
I explained what happened and she went over my charts.
I told her a week before I was almost positive that my water broke.
I explained what happened, she checked for a pool of fluid and decided to do a amniotic fluid leak test.
It came back positive.
I was then admitted into a room.
The doctor said that my water had been broken for a week.
I was given a pill called cervidil that would dissolve in my cheeks.
It was to help thin out my cervix it worked! 
I took 3 doses.
I walked around and showered while in labor.
Contractions were very tolerable.
I went all natural.
Once baby was coming I knew right away because that's when the pain came.
I had the urge to push so I called the nurse in, I was just checked 30 minutes before and was only at a 6.
So she did not expect me to be ready to push, she called the midwife in to check and I was at a 10 and baby's head was right there.
They prepared as quick as they could.
I pushed 4 times and she was out!
It was quick and amazing!
Maila was born May 25 at 2:03 AM 
Weighing 6lbs 9oz.
Right after birth I was up walking around, I even told my husband lets do this again!
It was so empowering! 

That morning she had to have test done because she was early and was in my broken bag for a week.
It took almost a week to find out what was wrong from all the test.
She was in the NICU.
Hardest thing I have ever gone threw.
Thanks to a lazy doctor my daughter had a bacteria in her blood.
I'm thankful she is now healthy and happy.
Once she finished her rounds of medications she was great.
A week felt like a lifetime.
We visited her everyday and spent the night a few times.
Sleeping on a recliner chair while my husband slept on the floor.
Here she is with her grandma.

My poor girl went threw hell that first week.
Constantly getting blood drawn IV's
They attempted to do a picc Line but failed.
She also had Jaundice, I call it the tanning bed.
I was so happy when we were able to finally bring her home!
Pure bliss.
Thank you for visiting my blog.
And thank you for taking the time to read threw my experiences.
This is my tribe.

Who knew going from a mother of one to a mother of two would be so amazing.
I watch over my children with so much love and pride.
I made two beautiful, amazing children that bring so much joy to me.
It was a lot easier adding her to our family then I expected.
She is the perfect baby.
I can't wait to add more children to our tribe.

Pure perfection.