Thursday, November 27, 2014


First I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I hope everyone had a great day and you're all full!
I know I'am!
This year was the first time cooking for the family.
My grandmother has always cooked but this year was my turn!
Sadly my grandmother is having some eye troubles and is unable to see.
She had to go into an emergency optometrist appointment at the hospital.
She had retinal bleeding but the doctor believes it had stopped.
She is now waiting to see a retina specialist.
So back on topic, I was left to cook for the family.
I had pretty big shoes to fill!
My grandmother is an amazing cook!
I've never had a bad meal when cooked by her.
This year we did not have turkey instead we had prime rib & duck for the meat.
This was the first time ever making those and first time trying duck!
But that's another post I would have to get into! 
If you guys would like to know my experience leave a comment or +the post!
I'm very happy with the out come! 
I started prep yesterday!
and of course played with the kids!
 Oh hey this little cutie bear got her first sippy cup too!
 (she only sat in her brothers car he did not drive with her in it)

So here is the table I set at 2am!
I was so tired and ready to go to bed.
Everyone loved dinner and we spent great quality time.
I love having the family together!
Happy thanksgiving with love from my family to yours!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

6 Month's old!

Maila is officially 6 months old!
I can't believe how fast it has gone!
I've already started thinking of ideas for her 1st birthday!
We will be moving into our new house around that time.
I'm so excited yet to sad that my little lady is getting so big!

Taking these pictures was a bit of a challenge! 
All she wanted to do was eat pinecones and leaves lol

She's sitting up for long periods of time now.
She's not a fan of solids yet, today we are going to try puffs for the first time!
She is obsessed with her brother she thinks he is the funniest thing!
She loves her walker!

This thing is a life saver!
We had one with Mason and he loved it, we knew Maila needed one!
Best buys!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kids holiday gift guide

Holiday gift guide for the little people in our lives!
One of my favorite places to look for unique cute gifts is Etsy!
Etsy has so many cute shops to choose from.
I get a ton of gift ideas from looking around on etsy.
First two gift I would use as stocking stuffers for my 6 month old.
She has been teething the past couple of months and she hates the frozen teethers!
I believe the wood teether would make a better alternative.
Second stocking stuffer would be plush dolls.
We bought the kids 22" Disney plush dolls for stocking stuffers.
Disney had a good deal so I had to snag the kids some!
I'm hoping for more great deals the closer we get to Christmas for more Disney toys.
Here are a set of dolls I found on etsy also that I love!
Here are the two dolls I've bought for my babes

We are going to Disneyland next month for Mason's birthday, so I think these will be perfect for

How about a cute pair of leggings?
Seriously these leggings are adorable!
I wish they made these for adults!!
These organic teepee leggings are everything!

Here is what we ordered for Mason!
I think it would be awesome for any kid learning to ride a bike.
This is a balance bike!
The fact that it looks like a little dirt bike had me sold!

Next are a favorite of mine!
I've loved Freshly picked Moc's since 2011!
They're seriously so adorable!
They come in so many cute colors.
Last but not lease a book set!
You can never go wrong with great books!
I loved Madeline as a kid.
I sure do hope my kids do too!
Or I'll just read the book set myself lol.
Happy holidays everyone!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide

Does anyone else have that family member who loves to throw parties?
Maybe a friend?
Who ever it is a lot of us have one!
So here's my first gift guide I put together!
All from shops I personally love.
I will put the links to these shops also, just in case you need to snag something
for that wild party animal!

Can we just discuss those wine serving trays!
I thought they were so cool!
They have so many different choices of bottles also.
I love things that are different.
Also how cute are those glasses?
I'm loving the gold polka dots!
The wall bottle opener would be an awesome gift!
I also appreciate the magnet at the bottom that catches the caps!
So cool.
I also like the wood, it kind of reminds me of an old wooden surfboard. 

I love giving different/unique gifts.
I thought these things would make great gifts.
They would also make a great housewarming gift!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

October favorites prt.2

 Here are Mason's October favorites!
These are things he plays with almost everyday!
He loves trucks!
My diaper bag is always fuck of monster trucks from him!
We bought Mason the ride on car last year for christmas/birthday.
He loves that thing!
He will drive it all day if he could.
His favorite thing to do is drive into bushes.
The Volcome shorts are so adorable!
Such a great buy honestly!
They are amazing quality!
Converse you just can't go wrong!
He's wearing the converse or his halfcabs these days.
This one was just a quick favorites post.
Hope you guys enjoyed!
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Octobers favorites

Here are our favorites from the month of October!
First is the plush Maleficent doll! 
We recently watched the new Maleficent movie and fell inlove!
Who knew Disney villains had a back story!
I thought the nickname she gave Aurora was adorable also!
Second is the Ariel rattle, I had no clue what to call it( I didn't want to look it up)
But pretty much self explanatory, Maila loves this thing!
It makes noise and plays pretty lights!
What more could a 5 month old want 
Third will be my top favorite, the Medela bottles.
Here's why, since Maila came out of the Nicu I've had trouble getting her to latch.
I've seen 4 breastfeeding consultants and still no latching luck.
So I pump!
I pretty much live on that thing! 
I pump from anything to 4oz-12oz!
Depending on my supply and my water intake.
I'm constantly trying to keep it up!
These bottles are amazing because they connect to my Medela pump.
If I'm having a 12oz day I can pump and poor half in a bottle now and save the rest in that bottle for later.
OR just save the whole bottle in the fridge.
If they came bigger I would buy those, I've had a few times where I fell asleep while pumping and the bottle would over flow.
I would wake up soaked lol!
fourth is my double stroller, I usually love to use my ergo but I have my days and just want to use my stroller.
This stroller is AMAZING!!! 
It took me forever to decide, there are so many cool stroller out there!
Some can be pretty pricey too.
I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy a $600 stroller that my son would grow out of soon,
and I'm not pushing my daughter alone in a giant double stroller.
We don't plan on having our third baby soon.
I found contours stroller, they looked modern and had a great price!
I paid $200 for a stroller that looks like the $600 ones!
I seriously love this thing, I get so many compliments on it.
I take this bad boy for our nightly walks.
Fifth are something I've always loved.
Nothing like a cute pair of skinnies!
I love skinny jeans, jeggings, treggings, ect, ect!
They look so cute and can go with any shirt or onesie!
Hope you guys enjoyed this new post.
I plan to do these every month!
Bye guys!
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1-5 Months!

I seriously can't believe my girl is going to be 6 months!
This time around is going by so fast!
I don't remember it going by so fast with Mason.
We went from the Nicu to a chunky little lady who sits up & rolls over.
Her personality is so fun! Her shmile can brighten anyone's day.

She's wearing 12 Months!
Breastmilk is sure doing wonders.
With my son I only breastfed until 3 month,
I'm now going on 6 months and I'm so proud that I stuck this threw!
I knew it was challenging but some days were very hard.
The struggles, blood, mastitis, middle of the night pumping, the list goes on!
All so worth it.
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