Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hello Fall!

 Hi guys! 
I can't believe it's already fall! This year is going by so fast!
I know I've said this in the past but holy cow being a mommy of two(possibly 3!) is busy! But my heart is so full! 
So let's kick off with a little update with my tribe, and our adventures! 
So this summer consisted of a lot of trips to our favorite resort! It's amazing having harrahs resort so close for our little get always! 
So I have very exciting news! Yes, really!!we bought a new car!! 
I really can't believe my husband agreed on this beast, but I'm so glad he did!
I'm truely obsessed! This thing is big and I love it! My mom is even jealous lol! Us short girls love our big ol' trucks!
The kids love it! Especially Mason, he calls it mommy's big car truck lol! 
I'm excited to take it to Harrahs this weekend! 
So what else is going on? Well my father in law moved back to California, and he met his grandkids for the first time!
It was such a beautiful sight to see! The kids love him so much! I honestly expected Maila to be scared of him but she looves him!
 His first day back we took him to his favorite Mexican food shop! The next day we took him to the beach! Boy did he miss it! Who wouldn't though? When you're from California the beach is part of you. 

Thank you for checking out my post! 
And I hope to have this weekends adventures up tonight or tomorrow! 
With love, Emily.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Two year wedding anniversary

So 3 weeks ago we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary! We went to our favorite place! The Harrahs resort! Perfect for the kids and parents. 
It was an amazing and relaxing weekend! Even though I got sick the second day in! I took full advantage of that amazing tub and I made sure to stock up on My favorite Lush bath bombs for this trip!
They definitely came in handy for this sick mama! 
My favorite part would have to be besides the lazy river, was when my husband took the kids to lunch and let me nap! He ordered me room service so I could enjoy a nice lunch in our beautiful panoramic living room. 
And here is what I ordered from room service for dinner in bed!😁 
This club sandwich was so yummy!  
Here was our beautiful balcony. 
And the kids room ! 
Every time we came back after the maids cleaned they always left chocolate! Seriously so much chocolate we still have some in the fridge now lol! 
On our last day we hit the cafe and it was perfection! 
I'm still craving that apple fritter! 

Thank you for checking out my 2 year anniversary post! It was just a quick share of our beautiful weekend! Heres to many more years with my rock! 
The man who works his butt off for our little tribe!💚 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Maila's First Birthday! DIY Mermaid party

Maila's first birthday recently just passed! 
It's was an amazing day!
So many loved ones came to celebrate her special day.
I worked on her decorations a month before and barely finished in time!
These took the longest:

The 3 things hanging, I have no clue how to explain them lol.
They are suppose to look like a kelp garden, I planned to make 4 but finished the 3rd one two days before the party.
They are made out of coffee filters.
What I did was fill up a few bowls of water and added blue and green food coloring.
I mixed the colors in a different bowl to get different colors.

I'm sure you can tell they are not all the same tints.
At two packs and ran out,(I used 4 packs all together)
The next day I went back to the store to buy more and had to do the water and food coloring again.
Of course I didn't remember how many drops or amount of water, so they came out different tints.
All well! I still loved them!
I dried them in the dryer for maybe 10 mins?
I checked on them so much because I was scared they would burn!
But they came out perfect!
I then cut straws in to little pieces to put in between each filter.
I then got my needle and thread and would sew threw the middle of the filter, and put the straw pieces in between the filters and continued until I got the length I wanted.

It's hard to really see because it was falling off and the picture isn't so great.
I made the high chair banner out of fabric strips, I bought a yard of each color (pink, purple, blue, and a shiny mermaid looking fabric).
But them into strips and tied them onto twine.
I then glued a big one I made that was covered in blue glitter on to the strips.

The tassle on the top picture was made out of tissue paper, cut and tied on to twine.

Next I made this sign that I didn't expect to come out so well!
The sign I bought at Michaels and I believe it was suppose to be a little fence but I just turned it on its side!
I painted it and the wooden stake.
It took a few coats of paint on the sign, then once it dried I used a pencil to write on it and paint over the pencil. 
I then hot glued a star fish I also bought from Michaels. 
Once it dried and cooled off, I added a little layer of  modge podge around the star fish, then sprinkled a little glitter on it.
Not only did I make decorations, I made the sweets too!
I wish I got pictures of the sweet table!
Here is her cake!
I made it with a 6in cake pan, it's two layers but the layers were cut in half.
So technically it was 4?
Anywho, I cut circles out of fondant that I dyed. 
Then just layered them on!
Wa la!

The candle was a normal big birthday number candle, I used modge podge and glitter to decorate it.

I think this is the last on the list of things I made.
I made her mermaid outfit !
The bottom was a crochet top I bought off of ebay and tied tulle at the bottom.
If you seen tutu tutorials its almost exactly like that.
I used the two last lines of the crochet to tie on.
I hot glued star fish on to the tulle.
The top is a crochet headband, with two fake flowers glued on.
I glued star fish where the stigma? I think that's what it's called lol!
The middle of the petals thing haha!
Any way, then I made the crown out of lace.
First I got a cup and covered it with wax paper.
Then I covered the lace in modge podg around the cup.
Sprinkled with glitter and let it dry and cure.
Then I hot glued flowers around it and added an elastic strip to the bottom to hold on to her head.
If you couldn't tell, I have no clue how to explain that part either, I'm having major brain farts tonight!
Please bare with me! :D 

Last thing I will add are these yummy cotton candy flavored macaroons I made!
I added edible pearls to make them look like clams!

Thank you checking out my crazy blog and I hope you liked it!
Here are random photos from the party!
Good night!