Monday, April 27, 2015

Family road trip

Hey guys!
So recently we went on the kids first out of state road trip! 

It went very well! 
The kids did amazing.
Before we took off went paddle boarding with the family!
We set off to Arizona first and took a quick stop in Barstow, so Mason could see the trains!

This boy LOVES trains!
Finally we made it!
We stopped to visit my husbands side of the family.

 In the photo above is my husbands great grandmother, his great aunt, grandma, and cousin!
It was amazing catching up and visiting them!
After we headed to our hotel in Laughlin.
The hotel we ended up staying at was the same hotel my family stayed at when we would visit Laughlin, when I was a kid!

It felt great to get all the kids bathed and then take a shower and relax!
The kids ran around the room exploring.

Mason had a little too fun....

The next day we headed to Vegas!
We decided to head to Vegas for 3 reasons.
First my father and grandmother live out there, my kids have never met them.
Second my husband has never been! Seriously!
As a child we would go to Vegas every summer.
I had to take my husband!
Third it was only like a hour away from Laughlin.
Before we hit the strip the kids met my grandmother, she has been in and out of the hospital for the past few months.
Tons of issues to go over.
The moment I saw her face and her with my kids, all the bad memories and issues we had in the past no longer mattered.
Not going to lie I teared up a bit...
Maila loved her!
Mason was so thrilled to be in the hospital and hyper, it was hard to get a picture of all three of them.
My grandmother was obsessed with his hair! 
Finally my father came and met his grand kids for the first time.
Also a bitter sweet moment.
I've had problems with my father since I was pregnant with Mason.
He has done a lot of things I do not agree with and said a lot of things I will never forget.
I put it all aside for the sake of my children and my grandmother.
I was nice seeing him.
After talking and catching up we said our goodbyes and headed to the strip.
 I have not been to Vegas since I was 15? I think...
But I know this was not here!
Holy cow this thing was cool!

My husband was not very impressed lol.
I'm a very excited person so I was so happy for my husband and kids to see all the amazing places on the strip.
We ate lunch and walked for a bit.
Mason had a blast at M&M world!
We then headed back to Laughlin to our hotel.
When we got back we took the kids exploring when I saw a Krispy Kreame sign on the hotel across from us!
I've seriously have been craving Krispy Kreame for 2 years now!
I thought I was finally get my doughnuts! 
They closed it a few years back and opened a Dunkin's!
They never took the sign down.
So we went off looking for other sweets.
When we found this cute little cafe a few hotels down.

 I had to take a picture but this was a Wine machine that worked exactly like a soda machine lol!
I've never seen this before so I had to share!
The prices were a little crazy though!

I ended up getting this yummy fruit tart at the cafe.
Then we called it a night!
The next day we went to visit Allen's side of the family again and say our goodbyes.
We then headed back to California.
We headed to one of my favorite local places!
Harrahs Resort!
Their pools are to die for!
And their suits are beyond amazing.

Excuse my husband!
And the mess on top!

 This bath was amazing!

We had our own patio that was right behind the adult pool!
So beautiful!
I took full advantage of that patio and lounged a lot those couple of days there!
 The kids had a blast!

The adult pool view from the patio.
We ate at the Buffet the first night, and this boy loves the dessert area!
After the kids went to sleep my husband's grandmother offered to watch the kids so we could get out for a little bit!

It was worth it!
Put in 10 bucks and got this in return! 
We went back to the room and called it night!
The beds were AMAZING!
I need to invest in those because that was the best sleep I've ever had!
The next morning we took full advantage of the kids pool!

Maila loved the lazy river!
We had a blast!
They had waiters/waitresses walking around the pools so we ordered a few drinks and lunch!
After swimming my husband took the kids to nap while my friend came to hangout with my by the poolside bar!
No kids aloud!
That pool was so relaxing.
It was nice to unwind after a long trip!

Thank you for taking the time to checkout our road trip experience!
And I hope that you like it!
with love, Emily