Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hello Fall!

 Hi guys! 
I can't believe it's already fall! This year is going by so fast!
I know I've said this in the past but holy cow being a mommy of two(possibly 3!) is busy! But my heart is so full! 
So let's kick off with a little update with my tribe, and our adventures! 
So this summer consisted of a lot of trips to our favorite resort! It's amazing having harrahs resort so close for our little get always! 
So I have very exciting news! Yes, really!!we bought a new car!! 
I really can't believe my husband agreed on this beast, but I'm so glad he did!
I'm truely obsessed! This thing is big and I love it! My mom is even jealous lol! Us short girls love our big ol' trucks!
The kids love it! Especially Mason, he calls it mommy's big car truck lol! 
I'm excited to take it to Harrahs this weekend! 
So what else is going on? Well my father in law moved back to California, and he met his grandkids for the first time!
It was such a beautiful sight to see! The kids love him so much! I honestly expected Maila to be scared of him but she looves him!
 His first day back we took him to his favorite Mexican food shop! The next day we took him to the beach! Boy did he miss it! Who wouldn't though? When you're from California the beach is part of you. 

Thank you for checking out my post! 
And I hope to have this weekends adventures up tonight or tomorrow! 
With love, Emily.