Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Octobers favorites

Here are our favorites from the month of October!
First is the plush Maleficent doll! 
We recently watched the new Maleficent movie and fell inlove!
Who knew Disney villains had a back story!
I thought the nickname she gave Aurora was adorable also!
Second is the Ariel rattle, I had no clue what to call it( I didn't want to look it up)
But pretty much self explanatory, Maila loves this thing!
It makes noise and plays pretty lights!
What more could a 5 month old want 
Third will be my top favorite, the Medela bottles.
Here's why, since Maila came out of the Nicu I've had trouble getting her to latch.
I've seen 4 breastfeeding consultants and still no latching luck.
So I pump!
I pretty much live on that thing! 
I pump from anything to 4oz-12oz!
Depending on my supply and my water intake.
I'm constantly trying to keep it up!
These bottles are amazing because they connect to my Medela pump.
If I'm having a 12oz day I can pump and poor half in a bottle now and save the rest in that bottle for later.
OR just save the whole bottle in the fridge.
If they came bigger I would buy those, I've had a few times where I fell asleep while pumping and the bottle would over flow.
I would wake up soaked lol!
fourth is my double stroller, I usually love to use my ergo but I have my days and just want to use my stroller.
This stroller is AMAZING!!! 
It took me forever to decide, there are so many cool stroller out there!
Some can be pretty pricey too.
I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy a $600 stroller that my son would grow out of soon,
and I'm not pushing my daughter alone in a giant double stroller.
We don't plan on having our third baby soon.
I found contours stroller, they looked modern and had a great price!
I paid $200 for a stroller that looks like the $600 ones!
I seriously love this thing, I get so many compliments on it.
I take this bad boy for our nightly walks.
Fifth are something I've always loved.
Nothing like a cute pair of skinnies!
I love skinny jeans, jeggings, treggings, ect, ect!
They look so cute and can go with any shirt or onesie!
Hope you guys enjoyed this new post.
I plan to do these every month!
Bye guys!
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