Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Crafts lately.

Here are a few things I've made recently.
I've been pretty slow!
Been busy out doing things.
But here are a few!
If you want to buy or order anything custom let me know!
I will start selling soon!
I just started my etsy shop!
Salon Dore
Bettie page painting!

Turbans! & headbands!


Lots n lots of pillows!

And the tutu dress I just finished for my friend!
I loved making this!
I can make them in any color, theme you can think of!

Family Beach day.

Over the weekend we went to the beach with family.
It was so fun!

Allen and I went in maybe waist deep?
But couldn't make it too many rocks!
Everytime I would get balance a wave would come and almost knock me over!
I almost broke my ankle!

So I sat on the sand most of the time.
It was ok because Mason was not happy with the water that day.
So we just snacked and built sand castles with his cousins!

The birds were flying over us all day!
So thankful we did not get pooped on!

My Hawaiian boy!
Notice his hair?
It is now almost blonde!
When we went on vacation his hair started to lighten up.
I love blonde hair with tan skin!!
He's such a cutie!!

After the beach we went to a bbq!
Nicest house !
The furniture was so cool!!

Meet our newest family member!

Meet our newest family member Duchess!
Duchess after the Duchess of France DUHH!
She is a crazy little one!
Filled with energy!
Don't let those cute little puppy eyes fool you!
She is the definition of ankle biter!
You have to watch your feet when walking by this silly girl!
She is mixed with Long hair Chihuahua and a mini pin!
Such a cute mix!
She is also crate trained!


Here are some of the yummy foods I've eaten and captured!
On grand there is an awesome candy shop that has a little ice cream parlor in the back!
They have the most amazing flavors!
I finally found the cotton candy ice cream I've been craving for almost 8 yrs!
I know a lot of other places that sell "cotton candy ice cream"
But none of them compare to this kind!!
Salmon I made recently!
Came out amazing!

I've always loved sushi sense the first time my stepmother gave me some!
I've never been a fan of the California roll.
But everything else I love!
These are eel rolls and shrimp tempura rolls!
I've loved eel for a long time now.
But recently tried the tempura and OMG!!
So good!!
If you have not tried it you need too!!
Like right now!!
GO! GO! GO!!
                      Ok.. are you back now?
Here is a cute cupcake I tried at our little cousins baptism!
They had a chili contest!
           Amazing foods there!              

Have I talked about my little strawberry garden?
Well this pic is right before they turned red!
They are so yummy!
Honestly the easiest thing to grow!


Just some fruits I picked up.
The pineapple was amazing!
I've never cut one before .
I've always bought them pre cut or in the can.
Never again will I buy those!
I will buy whole pineapples only now!
And heres what I ate on the delta!!
and fried lemons!
This was the best Calamari I've ever tasted!
The fried lemon was amazing too!
Not going to lie though, I was kind of scared at first to try the lemon because I was not sure what the heck they were!

Allen got me a few yummies for mothers day but this was my favorite!
I've been craving chocolate covered strawberries for so long now!
I also loved the hello kitty popsicles and lemon bites!

Guess what!
Smash burger just opened right across the street and I've never had it.
And omg! They are amazing!
I have no idea how I survived without them!
This is an avocado club burger on an egg bun!
And sweet potato fries

Have you seen these cool looking waters?
They are so cool!
My new favorite water bottle!

Kettle corn and salt water taffy  is what we snacked on the way home from vacation!

Strawberry pizzas!
I found this recipe and that night I had to try them!
Fresh strawberries, strawberry cream cheese, sugar cookie, and boiled strawberry jelly drizzled on top!
I even added a little whip cream! ;)

Lemon bites!
Sooo good!
I shared my snacks with our family and they were a great hit!
We got this smaller box of them at stater bros but they sell the huge one at Costco!!
Now I'm hungry from all these yummy foods!
Now time to find something good to make!

Traveling with a infant/toddler!

April 12 we left for vacation!
It was a 8-9 hour drive!
Some how we survived with a toddler!
And this is how!
1.His travel box!
It was filled with coloring books, color pencils, crayons, and chalk.
I made him a chalk board with a big square of cardboard with chalk board paint!
I also made him felt toys as seen below.
I brought some of his favorite toys.
Filled a box of wipes with scrap fabric.
And brought a bag of piper cleaners. 

Few days before we went on a snack shopping spree!!
We made our own trail mix from scratch.
It was amazing!
Mason even loved it.
We also got him apple sauce packets.
He barely ate them.....

I got a car dvd player.
Brought all our favorite movies.
The main movie that stayed on was Mason's favorite movie.
The Lorax .
Ok ok... Our favorite movie... The whole family is obsessed with it!

And breaks!
We took a few breaks so he could stretch his legs out.
Let him walk ok not walk more like run lol.
Isn't he cute in just a shirt lol!
It was really hot the way up!
Thank god for A/C!
And now a few photos from our trip!
This is my aunt's house isn't just AMAZING!!
I'm so jealous!

He loved the lake!
He liked to watch all the fish!
So cool.
Sunset on our way to our hotel.

And here is our room!
I loved it so much!
We got a big king size bed and Mason got his own crib!
Most relaxing time ever!
I didn't want to leave the hotel!!

They have the coolest authentic Native American stores!
My grandmother loved them so much!
She is Native American and loves anytime she can go to
a Native American store for a little shopping!
The purse I picked out...
I almost got a very nice blanket it also but they are expensive!
Shopping with mommy! Isn't he just a doll?
Hi handsome!!!
One of my favorite places we ate!
We ate right on the delta!
It was beautiful!
Walked around down town!
Really cool place!
So many little cute shops!

Coolest candy store!
That's it for now!
Be sure to check out my food post after this!
It will also have what I ate on the Delta! :)