Sunday, November 10, 2013

9 weeks!

Hello hello hello!!
So we had our first ultrasound last week!
And everything came back great!
Baby's heart beat was 140-150!
I have a new doctor until January! 
Then my doctor I had for Mason will be back!
So here is our little peach!
Doctor estimated my due date at June 14 2014 day before my birthday!
So far I like this doctor because he is totally okay with me taking my placenta and respects my wishes.
He's new so its a little scary but I like that he is very laid back and listens to me.
Hopefully my regular doctor doesn't think I'm crazy for wanting to encapsulate my placenta! 
We are doing a 3d/4d ultrasound in December or early January to find out the sex!

So baby is 9 weeks size of a olive!
Baby is now a fetus!
How I'm feeling is same as last update!
Pretty much the same as last update!
Tired I get tired very easily! 
My appetite is gone, I have to force myself to eat.
I've lost 15 pounds!
So hoping my appetite is back in my second trimester!
I feel like I'm starving the baby.
My boobs are sore and I bloat on and off.
Besides all of that I'm doing good.
We have the names picked and don't plan to tell the names until the birth.
We also plan to not tell anyone when she is born but close family, and we take her newborn pictures!
Then we will do the announcement.
I hope we can get a ultrasound photo in December I'm too excited to find out what we are having!
our next regular appointments are Dec 19 & Jan 30
So far I have started registries for everything I want so far!
When we find out the sex then I will add clothes.

Well I think thats it for now!
I'll will do more updates when they come!