Friday, December 5, 2014

Mom's gift guide

Here's a gift guide for all my mommies!
Being a parent can be hard but also so rewarding!
We deserve to be pampered!
Here are things I would love and I'm sure you guys too!
Lush products are my weakness!
I could spend hours in their shop if my husband lets me!
Their products are like no other, I've never had such amazing quality in bath items!
During my pregnancy with Maila I lived in lush baths!
Here are some Christmas themed products I love by Lush!
Luxury LUSH pud!
father Christmas bath bomb!
I'm dying of cuteness!!
This is a hedge hog bubble bar!
I love bubble bars they can last a long time!
I use them for myself and my son!
So much fun!
Golden wonder gift set!
This scrub is amazing!
I gifted this to my grandmother with a moisturizer!
Full of grace
She loved them!
She gets dark spots and has tried everything!
I mean she has drawers full of products!
She wants to have great skin and she tries anything and everything.
Well with these she hasn't had to look no further!
She's hooked.

Next is an awesome gift box!
It's called the Happy Mommy Box.
The happy mommy box is a care package of goodies you receive monthly or one time.
You choose your subscription!
Every month you receive a mix of amazing gifts, sometimes even for the kiddos!
Sometimes being a mom can be very hard!
These were put together for moms to brighten their day!
They're definitely an encouragement gift for those rough days.
I'm definitely subscribing after Christmas!

Initial necklace!
I love these!
They are adorable and would make any mother happy.
So cute to have your child(ren)'s initials on them!
I would do my whole families initial on mine!
But for now, just the kiddos.

I don't know if it's just me and my mom but we love candles!
We are suckers for good smelling candles.
Last year I bought my mom a huge candle set and she was ecstatic!

I found these and I'm actually thinking about buying some for my mom...
Okay and for myself lol.
Would it be weird to buy her more?
I think it would be a good extra gift, I was thinking of actually buying her a personalized mug.
My mom is seriously the hardest person to shop for! 
I would go on about it but that would need a whole new post!

Last are pillows!
 I love to make my own but these are adorable!
I think they would make such cute gifts!

Perfect for the couches around the holidays!
They also have other seasons and other cool designs!

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