Friday, January 9, 2015

Disneyland Trip!

This is totally a little late I know!
It has been seriously so crazy at my house!
From my grandmothers surgery,
to me getting my ducks in a row to start school next week!
Ok but back on topic!
In December we went to Disney land for Mason's 3rd birthday!
Holy cow I'm still in shock that he's 3!!!!
Originally we were suppose to get two conjoining rooms, but something went wrong!
They ended up upgrading us to the pent house!
Seriously this place was AWESOME!
It was really nice it had a lot of cool statues and what not, I had to hide from my crazy kids.
It was a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom, huge dinning/living room with a huge view of the parks!
We went back to the penthouse to eat dinner and watch the fireworks at both parks lol.
So much better then being stuck in the middle of a huge crowd of people!
So it's been years and I mean YEARS since I've been to Disneyland.
(I went for grad night but don't count it!)

This kids did pretty great for their first trip.
Mason was very excited to be at "Mickey's house"
He went on a few rides. 
We saw goofy and he was the only character that didn't have a mile long line.
So we took Mason and he was so excited!
The whole time in line he was yelling "Goofy come here! Goofy give me hug!"
I thought for sure he was going to love seeing goofy.
But to my surprise......

He flipped!
Thankfully as soon as we got out of Toon Town the parade was getting ready to start!

The kids loved the parade!
I forgot how much I loved the parades as a kid!
We use to be able to dance and walk in the parade.
I miss those days.
I felt like Disneyland was my home away from home.
We went almost every weekend sometimes multiple times a week.
I was a true Disney kid!
I wish I could do that with my babes, but lets be real!
That place is crazy! The lines,the crowds, everything!
Too many people!
I love Disney land but it's definitely a few times out of the year place.

Well here are some photos from the park and also some from the penthouse.
I hope you guys enjoyed my late post!
- Emily

To end this post here is a video of the penthouse!
Sorry for the terrible quality!

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