Monday, December 29, 2014

Nov-Dec favorites

I totally lagged with my November favorites, so I'm going to do both November and December!
It will be the kids, my husbands and my favorites.
First will be my kids.
My son's favorites are always the same lol.
He loves anything with wheels!
He's currently obsessed with fire trucks.
He loves when they drive by our home.

Mason loved this book set for his birthday!
When he's not driving his cars all over the place he will be in his books!
Now you can never go wrong with a pair of converse!
When we went Christmas shopping I let Mason pick two pairs of shoes,
first thing he picked were these red converse.
I asked him 3 times to make sure, I showed him other shoes also just to make sure and he was determined to get these!
I was surprised to see him pick my favorite shoes!
He definitely has my style.
All these items were from kohls.
Now for Maila she can't really say what's her favorites but what she plays with the most are these!
 First is a Disney princess mirror she loves this thing!
She loves pushing the buttons and playing the music.
Her new thing is dancing, so she loves to watch herself dance in the mirror.

Next are these Disney princesses plush dolls
I ordered these from the Disney store and she absolutely loves them!
We bring these every where we go, they definitely keep her busy.
Plus I think they are super adorable! 

Last it what I ordered them and I love this store!
Seriously the cutest clothes for kids and the parents!!
 I ordered two for both my babes! 
They are suppose to be candy cane theme but I think they would look adorable for V-day also!
I'm thinking White leggings for Maila and not sure yet for Mason!
Maybe white leggings also?
We will see.
 Next is the adorable baseball-T 
I played softball in middle school and my favorite thing to wear has always been baseball tops.
Even as adult I still buy them!
I love these shirts so much they are adorable.
I think any shirt with Mama stuff on it I would love honestly though lol.
Being a parent is awesome why not flaunt it?

Ok so we all have heard of thug life, but come on!? Mom life!
That's a whole new story!
We all know being a mom can be hard, so we deserve a cool top too!

 OK so how many times have I gushed over Lush on this thing?
I'm sure it's getting old but I can't help it!
I seriously looooove their products!
I went to their sale and got some killer deals!
Buy one get one free!
I stocked up on this amazing yummy shower gel!
Seriously makes me so sad this is only out in December.
I bought my friend a few things also for Christmas, this will be her first lush experience!
I can't wait to hear how she liked everything!
Here are my two favorite things mixed!
I love this bubble bar mixed with the Santa bath bomb.
When I finally got out of the bath I felt so relaxed!
It's amazing how these things can be so relaxing!

Now for my husband, he's not the one to sit and tell me about his favorites but he did get some new gear that he's indeed loving.
His new Vans, he needed new shoes bad!
I seriously don't understand how my husband goes threw shoes so fast!
He buys more shoes then I do!
Seau Jersey! 
Last year I remember him telling me about how he had a Seau jersey as a kid, and he couldn't remember where it went.
He told me one day he would buy a new one.
Well he never got it so I did for Christmas!
He was surprised and so happy!
I was so glad to finally be able to surprise him.

I hope you guys enjoyed my family's favorites for the months of November & December!
- Emily

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