Friday, January 9, 2015

New Years resolution?

Happy New Years!

So January is obviously here and I'm sure everyone has thought of a resolution.
Even if they don't plan to actually go threw with it.
So I decided to share mine.
Last year my resolution was to cut out toxic people, and be kind.
I feel like I accomplished them all.
I got rid of people I thought were friends but in reality I was their gossip topic, just like the rest of their "friends". 
I was tired of having negative people in my life that would constantly rain on my parade.
Doing that felt like a huge weight of my shoulder!
Being kind, don't get me wrong I'm a nice person but I am my mothers daughter.
And I'm sure I've mentioned my mother before, shes not very lady like and not afraid to speak her mind!
You know the saying kill them with kindness!
There are times when I want to spout off at the mouth but I hold back.
I think before I speak.
I try to go out of my way to do things for others more then before.
Letting things go that I would usually hold a grudge about.
This year my resolution is to finally lose all my weight from my pregnancies.
`I want to finally be fit!
I weighed no where near what I do now before I had kids but I was not "fit"
I want to actually start going to the gym religiously.
My second resolution is to join the police academy by the end of the year.
I want to become a juvenile corrects officer.
I still plan to become a midwife but I want to get this off of my to do list first.
It kind of ties into my first resolution being fit, I want to be able to pass the psychical stuff without a struggle.
I plan to start training to get ready for the academy. 
Last would be to make more time for myself.
I just started going back to school after a long break and realized , my life is all about my kids.
I love my kids, I hate being apart from them.
But I need to have just "mommy time" once a week .
I'm with them 24/7 no breaks.
Some days I want to pull my hair out or maybe go lock myself in the bathroom for a breather.
I'm not exactly sure what I will do but I'm sure I will figure it out.
I know I will take more amazing lush baths!
Maybe get into the jacuzzi and have a nice glass of wine.
Who knows! 
But it's time for me to make sure I'm taken care of also.

What are your guys New year resolution?
If you have any what are they?
If you don't why not?
Is there something you're planning for 2015?
Tell me!!
I want to know!
I know I'm not alone :)

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