Sunday, January 11, 2015

What's in my diaper bag? Infant & Toddlers

Hello friends!
Today I wanted to share whats in my diaper bag.
For new readers I'm a mother of two.
My youngest is 7 months and my oldest is 3 years.
When we all go out my bag is always full! 

From diapers to toys and everything in between.

This is the diaper bag I have, it's a Petunia pickle bottom Misty Shanghai, it has the option to be a backpack also!
I love my diaper bag it has so much storage and a built in changing pad!
I love that the changing pad is so long, I've noticed with other bags the pads are so tiny!
I was gifted a silk Petunia pickle bottom diaper bag with my first when he was a newborn, and I instantly fell in love.
I'm so hooked I refuse to use any other bag!
OK so first few things are
-Nursing cover
- Hand pump
I've mentioned before that I exclusively pump for my daughter.
So when I know I'm going to be out for a while I always bring my pump and cover.
I will pump anywhere!
When Maila was a month old we went to my little cousins high school graduation.
We were in a stadium filled with people.
I was still getting my supply under control so I was pumping on a schedule. 
I'm sure you have been to a graduation so you know those things take forever!
Well there was no way I was going to chance missing my cousin, so I put my cover on and pumped away!
I got a few crazy looks but honestly, I could care less!
It's natural!
You don't have to hide in the car or bathroom so my child will not either!
Plus you couldn't see anything anyway!
I had a cover over me.
But this combo comes in handy!
It's a must in my opinion, or at least for myself!

Next are snacks!
For myself I always have water on me!
Also some kind of green juice, I looove green juice.
I also bring a snack with myself, usually some kind of granola bar.
For the babes Maila is all about those mum mums!
Just like her big brother was.
Mason is obsessed with these PB&J uncrustables.
He would live off of those things if I would allow it.

So now with diapering and clothing.
I always bring an extra change of clothes.
Lets be serious.... Kids are a mess!
Seems like no matter what at least one of the babes have an accident.
But it's OK because mama is always prepared!
My go to motto is " I'd rather have too much then too little."
I always bring a ton of diapers and wipes.
Some days I'm changing 6 poopy diapers a day!
Usually its 1-2 each kids, but they do have those days!
I make sure to be prepared.
My husband and I are obsessed with Honest co. Products.
My son loves cars, no, no that's an under statement!
He's beyond obsessed!
He constantly stuffs my bag with cars!
I find cars in all of my stuff constantly!
Maila loves her princess plush dolls collection!
We always bring a few princesses, pacifiers, and a teether with us.

Last are burp rags and Bibs.
Maila pretty much stopped spitting up once she hit 7 months.
But these things are great for spills, ect.
I bring at least one everywhere I go.
I love these bibs because they are a plastic materiel so they are super easy to wipe off!
They have little pockets that catch the mums or puffs that fall.
Plus she can just dig in the pockets to get left overs!

Thank you for checking out my post on what's in my diaper bag!
I hope you enjoyed it.
- Emily

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