Friday, December 19, 2014

DIY Jack Skellington Christmas prop

After years of wanting to do this I finally did it!
I finally made my Sandy Claws prop.
I've been looking online at tutorials for years.
We ended up just tying it on our own with out help of tutorials.
We bought 20ft of PVC and it was the perfect amount for everything!
The upper legs are 24"
The lower legs are 32"
The knees are 45* PVC joints
Upper arms are 24"
Lower arms are 16"
They are connected by 45* joints
His spine was also 24"
His neck was 4"
His collar is 8"
The collar and neck are connected with PVC cross joint
Hips are 90* PVC joints
PVC "T" joint
& 1" to hold them all together
(Excuse my messy patio!)
Next we measured him and cut out pieces of fabric.
I bought 5yrds and had more then enough left over!

Then hot glued the pieces of fabric onto the body.
I then added faux fur around the ankles and wrist.
I used small dish gloves for the hands and painted them black.
Filled them with cotton balls.
The chest I cut open a large grocery bag and stuffed it with grocery bags and then taped it closed.

I used a big piece of white felt for the beard.
I was hoping to find faux fur for the beard like I have for the ankles and wrist but no luck!
I bought the Santa hat for the dollar store.
I made the presents out of old diaper boxes just painted them with acrylic paint.
If you've been to Disneyland I'm sure you've seen the big Christmas list on the side of the haunted mansion.
I made mine out of a white plastic table cover.
I folded it and glued it down.
I used acrylic paint.
For the edges I dipped my sponge brush in the black paint then in water, and dabbed it around the edges.
The wreath I made last year out of garland and thick paper for the teeth and eyes.
The bow was just a cheap bow I found at a store.

The head was just a giant Styrofoam ball.
I pushed the eyes & nose in with a spoon, and used the end of my paint brush for the mouth.
I then used regular black acrylic paint.
I don't know if you would count this as a tutorial?
Maybe more just what we did with some detail left out lol.
If you have any questions feel free and I can go more into detail if you need me to!

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