Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Family Beach day.

Over the weekend we went to the beach with family.
It was so fun!

Allen and I went in maybe waist deep?
But couldn't make it too many rocks!
Everytime I would get balance a wave would come and almost knock me over!
I almost broke my ankle!

So I sat on the sand most of the time.
It was ok because Mason was not happy with the water that day.
So we just snacked and built sand castles with his cousins!

The birds were flying over us all day!
So thankful we did not get pooped on!

My Hawaiian boy!
Notice his hair?
It is now almost blonde!
When we went on vacation his hair started to lighten up.
I love blonde hair with tan skin!!
He's such a cutie!!

After the beach we went to a bbq!
Nicest house !
The furniture was so cool!!

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