Sunday, October 27, 2013


Doing a small update but there isn't very much to update.
I'm 7 weeks! 
Still waiting for Nov 6th our first ultrasound.
I got my proof of pregnancy last week.
This weekend had a family and friends halloween party with a haunted trail!
It was a success! 

Our little Peach is the size of a :
Kind of exciting :)
We have picked a boy name and still deciding on a little girl name!
We don't plan to tell the names until the baby is born.
So at least one surprise for everyone lol.
Everyone knows about baby and is excited.
I have a few close friends who are also pregnant!
We are all a few weeks or a month apart so its cool to see all of us growing together.
I think thats it for now.
I will be doing another update either the day of the ultrasound or the next.

Right now for how I'm feeling I get random burst of sickness.
I was doing great for a few days with no morning sickness, then the day of the party
I was puking the whole morning!
Today I'm just extremely tired, if given the chance I could have slept the day away.
This pregnancy I have no appetite, I have to force myself to eat.
I've lost 5 pounds.
I went on a gatorade binge for a few days but cut that out and now strictly on water.
So far this pregnancy is completely different from Masons. 

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