Thursday, June 20, 2013

Can you hear wedding bells?

I do...
Looks like my Fiance and I are getting married a lot sooner then we expected!
It's so crazy that this is happening so soon.
I did not expect for him to go into the Navy so soon.
But its happening and I could not be more happier to marry my best friend.
He is truly my rock.
I don't understand how some women can want to only marry their men for benefits?
And if they cant they don't want to marry them.
It's so crazy.
I could care less if we were poor on the streets I would still marry Allen.
I think we will Marry in the court until he gets out of boot camp.
Then we will have a good size wedding with our friends and family.
I love the colors turquoise with white or black.
Most likely they will be my wedding colors.
Or go for a more modern wedding with black and white.
We will see.
I will most likely start doing blogs on wedding ideas I love and things I would like to see happen
at my wedding.

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