Monday, June 10, 2013

Del mar fair.

Mason's second year at the Delmar fair!
He had a blast!
He went on his first ride and he laughed the whole time!
I'm so happy to be able to enjoy these little moments with him.
I remember growing up and going every year.
Del mar was my favorite thing to do in the summer!
Now I have it to pass the fun and excitement down to my son.

Australian battered potatoes with ranch and bacon.
My fiancĂ© has  been craving this sense last year!
He finally got his wish answered :)

The boys on Mason's first ride!
They had a cool butterfly exhibit.
You pay a $1 for a Q-tip and dip it in nectar and the butterflies latch on.
I don't know if its just Allen and I but these butterflies were really weird like they could barely fly they looked as if they were high or something.
We felt so bad when we noticed it we had to leave.
They had this collection of dead butterflies.
It's sad what people would do for a buck.
I wonder why all the butterflies looked so sick.

On a lighter note Mason got to see real elephants.
This is a fake photo prop but the ride is behind it.

The weirdest llama I have ever seen!
I've never seen a llama with fur like the spotted one!
I'm sure it's just shaved that way but still!
Kind of reminds me of something in a Dr. sues story.
I have a lot of more photos on my computer but I'm honestly so tired from today.
Maybe tomorrow if I get a chance I will upload more?
Or maybe not.
We will see.
Goodnight everyone !
And good morning to those just waking up .

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