Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Traveling with a infant/toddler!

April 12 we left for vacation!
It was a 8-9 hour drive!
Some how we survived with a toddler!
And this is how!
1.His travel box!
It was filled with coloring books, color pencils, crayons, and chalk.
I made him a chalk board with a big square of cardboard with chalk board paint!
I also made him felt toys as seen below.
I brought some of his favorite toys.
Filled a box of wipes with scrap fabric.
And brought a bag of piper cleaners. 

Few days before we went on a snack shopping spree!!
We made our own trail mix from scratch.
It was amazing!
Mason even loved it.
We also got him apple sauce packets.
He barely ate them.....

I got a car dvd player.
Brought all our favorite movies.
The main movie that stayed on was Mason's favorite movie.
The Lorax .
Ok ok... Our favorite movie... The whole family is obsessed with it!

And breaks!
We took a few breaks so he could stretch his legs out.
Let him walk ok not walk more like run lol.
Isn't he cute in just a shirt lol!
It was really hot the way up!
Thank god for A/C!
And now a few photos from our trip!
This is my aunt's house isn't just AMAZING!!
I'm so jealous!

He loved the lake!
He liked to watch all the fish!
So cool.
Sunset on our way to our hotel.

And here is our room!
I loved it so much!
We got a big king size bed and Mason got his own crib!
Most relaxing time ever!
I didn't want to leave the hotel!!

They have the coolest authentic Native American stores!
My grandmother loved them so much!
She is Native American and loves anytime she can go to
a Native American store for a little shopping!
The purse I picked out...
I almost got a very nice blanket it also but they are expensive!
Shopping with mommy! Isn't he just a doll?
Hi handsome!!!
One of my favorite places we ate!
We ate right on the delta!
It was beautiful!
Walked around down town!
Really cool place!
So many little cute shops!

Coolest candy store!
That's it for now!
Be sure to check out my food post after this!
It will also have what I ate on the Delta! :)

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