Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I have not been on at all lately!
I feel so bad! Made this so I could write almost everyday.
I'm sorry to those who actually read my blogs!
I will try and keep up from now on!!
Now that I'm back how about a little catching up??
Oh my time has gone by!!
Next Month is my birthday!!
Also we went to the doctors last month?
For fertility!
Well I'm not infertile because I had 3 miscarriages...
But we decided that we will take the doctors offer on an HSG .
I was suppose to do it last cycle and went for my blood work and picked up the medication but was not able to make it.
So now I have to do it all again!!
Have I ever told you how much I HATE needles!!!
I'm the biggest baby EVER when it comes to getting shots and blood drawn!
Thanks to pregnancy it has only made it worse!
Too many IV's!!
I have spider web like veins which means its extremely hard for them to get a vein and for the needle to stay.
Any way getting off topic here!! lol.
Well this cycle is due anyday!
Once aunt Flo is here I call in and reschedule my x-ray.
I've started taking extra vitamins for my hair and also folic acid for the baby makin.

I will be posting a few more blogs on our little family vacation,
Yummy foods, my son's hair.
And things I've made!
Oh and our new family member! ;)
Hope you guys enjoy everything!

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