Sunday, April 26, 2015

House Hunting!

Hi guys! 
I have so much to update on!
I have no clue where to start....
Well lets start this off with Maila turning 1!
YES 1!
You did not read that wrong... I kind of wish it wasn't true though :(
She's now 11 months and started to attempt to walk at 8 months.
Now she's constantly standing up on her own and take steps.
If you follow me on Pinterest then I'm sure you have seen my mermaid party board.
I've been pinning on that thing for about 3 years now!
I've been dying to throw a mermaid party and when I was blessed with my little lady, I knew her first birthday would be mermaid theme. 
So here I am planning a mermaid party for next month!
I've been slowly making decorations but I need to start full time.
I need to buy more thing and still have to get her pictures done!

April has been extremely stressful!
We are buying a car, planning a move for June, getting my husband ready for the Sheriffs academy, planning another road trip, then planning for the Disney cruise next year!
And then of course being a mommy of two crazy kids.
Have I mention how hard and stressful house hunting is?
Seriously screw you HGTV making it look so fun and easy!
Trying to find a 4 bedroom 3 bath house that is a great fit for my crazy family is a pain in the butt!
We have found a few that we kind of liked but, we don't want to rush too much.
We want to make sure we find the perfect fit (or close enough)
I have no clue how I'm still barely functioning with all of this on my mind, but I'm slowly doing it and of course with a nice glass of my favorite Sangria on my side! 
Last month we went on a pretty big road trip with the kids!
 We went To Arizona, Laughlin, back to Arizona, Las Vegas then Laughlin again in just 3 days! 
Then we went to the Harrahs resort and got an amazing Suit!
I plan to have another post about our trip very soon and share all of our photos!
I think I'm going to end the blog here for tonight, as I type this I'm falling asleep lol!
This is what I get for thinking I can write in the middle of the night.
Thank you for stopping by and hope to have our vacation blog up very soon!
My goal is to have it up by tomorrow(today) night.
Goodnight and hope you enjoyed my post.
With love Emily

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